Recovering from Yasi
Brethren of Cleveland Lodge took up the challenge of replacing
trees lost during Cyclone Yasi and held a working bee at the
RSPCA on Saturday 14 April. This also ties in with the donation
of $45,000 from the Freemasons of Queensland to help with the
rebuilding of the damaged kennels during the cyclone.




New kennels for the RSPCA
New kennels were handed over to the RSPCA on  Wednesday
26/09/12 replacing kennels which were damaged by cyclone
Yasi.  The project was funded by the Grand Masters appeal
and labour supplied by the army.
Present where RWBro Vaughan Ben, VWBro Ian Barrett
Dep.Dist. GM WBro’s Ian Burns Dist GSec and Norman
Suttor-Smith, Project Director RSPCA Malcolm O’Brien and
representing the Army unit was Major Rosemond.



Freemasons Courtesy  Car
A courtesy car was presented to the Townsville Foundation
September 2010. The car is used to transport clients of the
Townsville Hospital from carparks, hostels etc. to the various
locations of the hospital precinct. The car was financed by
donations from Lodges Members with help from the Board of
Benevolence dollar for dollar program



The Leukaemia Foundation  Queensland
Freemasons Village

The village at the Townsville Hospital, Douglas was built as the
result of a partnership between UGL of Queensland and the
Queensland Leukaemia Foundation. Work will soon start on
extensions to the village.




Seating at Belgian Gardens Cemetery
District Grand Lodge of NQ,  its committies, the Townsville
Council and  the UGLQ BoB, dollar for dollar  programme,
provided funds to provide seating at the Belgian Gardens




Freemason’s  Orders support burn victim
THANK YOU … Ben Green’s grandmother Alice Green front)
welcomes a donation from Claude Wilder and Penny Bell which
will help Ben recover from horrific burns.

Townsville Friendship Club and the Freemasons North Queensland,
they have decided to start fundraising to help with the ongoing
medical expenses which could continue for years to come. Each
pitched in $1000 and with the funds from the Freemasons’
Masonic Fete Committee going towards a laptop which Mr Green uses
to keep in contact with the outside world during his long hours of
therapy and bed rest.

Freemasons’ Pallarenda Park
District Grand Lodge NQ and various committees entered into
partnership with the Townsville Council to provide funds for
equipment and maintenance of the park over 5 years. This gave
the Freemasons naming rights to the park. The UGLQ BoB dollar
for dollar programme  also provided funds for this project.



Presentation of the Harry Millican Bursary for 2014
Receiptant is Jennifer Barret, student at Thuringowa State High, studying Senior Chemistry, Senior Physics, Maths B, Music, Ancient History, and English. Jennifer also plays the Viola.

People in photo from Left to right are VWBro Doug McBride (President of the District Board of Benevolence, Jennifer and Karen Barrett and RWBro Ian Barrett (district Grand Master North Queensland)


Cheque Presentation

St Vincent de Paul
The Cheque was presented to Graham Keihne, President of Good Shepherd Conference of St. Vincent dePaul with Fr. Dave  Lancini  by  R.W.Bro Ian Barrett, Dist. Grand Master.

The District Grand Master’s Christmas Appeal has for a number of years supported St. Vincent dePaul, this year they were able to deliver 110 sizable Hampers.

The reason for that support is that,  St. Vincent dePaul members are dealing with the needy in their homes every week and know where the Hampers would be most required.

Fr. Dave Lancini ensures that the Freemasons involvement is recognized in the Parish Newsletters and in Mass, with a round of applause in recognition of the Freemasons’ contribution.

L – R: Ian Barrett – Graham Kiehne – Fr. Dave Lancini

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